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Trade activities

Besides fruit and vegetable processing, MABI-TRADE performs much of the trade with its strategic partner-MAKEDONIJA TRADE from Ljubjana (Slovenia). MAKEDONIJA TRADE offers great deal of professional hand and secure room when making an entrance into Slovenian market with products going from Macedonian reputable companies such as: TIKVES-Kavadarci, VITAMINKA-Prilep, EVROPA-Skopje, MAKEDONIJA-Negotino, ZIK-Strumica and others. MABI-TRADE has also been a representative of the reputable Slovenian companies coming into Macedonian market, such as: TEOL-Ljubljana, TKI-Hrasnik, SATURNUS-Ljubljana, PLASTA-Sentrupert, DROGA-Portoroz, PERUTNINA-Ptuj and others.

MABI-TRADE operates its own store/ warehouses, and an effective distribution center, as well as possessing great number of heavy transportation vehicles for international transport and internal traffic.

MABI-TRADE finds its development where obligations towards its partners successfully fulfilled and where long term cooperation.
Like many Macedonian companies, MABI-TRADE has been meeting certain non-economic problems, such as the visa regime affecting the punctual delivery and total supply of contingents, but has always managed it properly.

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